Kobe Bryant on not passing MJ: « It pissed me off, My original goal was to try to win 8. » (video)

Kobe Bryant

In his podcast « All The Smoke », co-hosted with Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes asked Kobe Bryant how it felt not to be able to match Michael Jordan’s 6 titles, because the latter recalled that during his career the ex-Laker wanted to be able to « sit at MJ’s table », that is to say to win at least as many titles as him.


« Oh that pissed me off (he nods), but things are what they are. You have a goal, and my initial goal was to try to win eight. You try, you try, you push, you push, you do your best so that in the end you can accept the result. That’s the most important thing and that’s why I’m completely comfortable with the career I’ve had, because I’ve worked as hard as I can. » Kobe Bryant.


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