Kobe Bryant on LeBron joining L.A: “He’s not the savage competitor that me and Mike are”


When LeBron James decided to join the L.A. Lakers in 2018, fans were curious about what Lakers legend Kobe Bryant would say. It turns out The Black Mamba had some choice words four years ago.


Doug Gottlieb recalled a conversation four years ago with Kobe Bryant. The analyst claimed Kobe believed LeBron didn’t have what it takes to play for the Purple and Gold.

“LeBron does not get, know or understand LA and he’s not built for it the way I’m built for it. I took negativity, and it fueled me. And when there was negativity with me and Shaq, it fueled me. That’s not what fuels LeBron. He’s just built different. He’s not the savage competitor that me and Mike are. I’m the type of killer that wants to kill you and your whole family. LeBron just wants to be loved. Wants to play ball, wants to win games. But he is not the killer that me and Mike are.”

Kobe Byrant, Fox Sports Radio

There’s probably a lot of context we don’t have around the conversation. Kobe and LeBron were friends off the court and shared mutual respect. But with The King struggling now with the Lakers, it seemed Bryant’s comments four years ago were accurate.

There were rumors LBJ could leave the Lakers for Cleveland or somewhere else where he could play with son Bronny. Although Rich Paul has already shot down the rumors, given James’ history of shifting teams, it may not be all that possible from happening.


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