Kobe Bryant loved comparaison to Micheal Jordan (video)

Michael Jordan’s name is hard to compare to anyone without meeting a storm of backlash from certain fans. There are some names that can be in an honest conversation in comparison to MJ, and Kobe Bryant was in a league above the rest, nestled closely next to Jordan’s GOAT status.


While speaking to the Dan Patrick Show, Joe Barry revealed that Kobe Bryant wanted those MJ comparisons to keep coming. He wasn’t afraid of being compared to the GOAT, in fact, he loved being in the same conversation as one of the greatest to ever do it.

“He wanted to be him [Jordan] more than anything in the world. And be better. He got close, and that’s all he wanted…. He wasn’t afraid of that [being compared to Jordan], he loved the comparison. That’s all he wanted.”

Michael Jordan recently spoke out about being compared to another famous Laker: LeBron James. He said that King James might be on his level in about twenty years.

Kobe Bryant was tragically taken from us in a helicopter crash that took his daughter’s life and 7 others. This was a terrible situation and the world is still reeling from that incredible loss. Kobe’s name is still compared to Jordan in many ways, so he would still be very happy about that.


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