“Kobe Bryant is the GOAT I don’t give a f**k”: Kyrie Irving ignores Michael Jordan and LeBron James shunning their statistics

Kobe Bryant

Nets guard Kyrie Irving declares the late Kobe Bryant as the undisputed GOAT shunning all arguments and statistics.


One of the favorite barber-shop conversations in the USA continues to be about the NBA GOAT, usually centering around Michael Jordan and LeBron James. While there are other greats in the discussion, MJ and James continue to be the widely accepted choices.

Though there can never be a consensus on this, it continues to be a favorite topic of discussion on television debates, radio, and podcasts. The deadlock between individual statistics and no of rings remains as everyone has their way of evaluating.

The GOAT debate never seizes to play in the background of any NBA season. Recently, former champion Kyrie Irving gave his take on the subject, which was different from the popular choices. The Nets superstar wasn’t ready to hear about any other player but Kobe Bryant’s name as the GOAT.

Irving wasn’t interested in looking at any stats, declaring his late mentor as the ultimate GOAT.

Kyrie Irving calls Kobe Bryant the GOAT.

It’s no secret that Irving shared a very close connection with the Lakers legend, from emulating his moves on the court to wearing his shoes. The former Cavs superstar saw an idol/guru in the Black Mamba. According to previous reports, Irving would always consult Kobe on several matters not limiting to basketball.

Though it wasn’t a surprise to hear Irving call Kobe the GOAT, the fact that Uncle Drew considered nobody even close to his choice didn’t seem correct. The seven-time All-Star didn’t mention King James anywhere, having been to three Finals and won one of the most iconic championships with him.

While Kobe is one of the all-time greats, declaring him the GOAT without any reasoning may seem incorrect. There is a reason why Kobe was regarded as the closest thing to Air Jordan and not equal to or ahead of the latter.

There continues to be a lack of clarity based on which a GOAT is determined.

Some of the accolades under Kobe’s belt include 5-titles, 2-Finals MVPs, 1-regular-season MVP, 18-All-Star selections, and 15-All-NBA Teams to name a few.


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