Kobe Bryant Didn’t Talk To Anyone For 2 Weeks After An MJ Belittlement, Before Dropping 55 On Him As Revenge

Kobe Bryant

You all know that Kobe Bryant’s work ethic was outstanding, hence the phrase Mamba Mentality. But it is always even more impressive hearing it from other NBA players and coaches.


Tough as nails; Kobe Bryant was the ultimate competitor! I’m already looking forward to telling my future kids about his legacy.

In an episode of his No Chill Podcast, Gilbert Arenas told the story of how Kobe got so mad over Michael Jordan’s belittlement, that he didn’t talk to anyone for two weeks, before seeking revenge and dropping 55 on MJ, a little over 17 years ago.

“In Washington, Jordan gets that win, hits him on the butt and says ‘you can put the shoes on, but you ain’t gon never fill ’em’. You never gonna fill these shoes, that’s basically what he was telling Kobe. So, they say, Kobe didn’t talk to the team… for two weeks. He just went silent, but he was on one million. So they say ‘Phil [Jackson], what’s up with Kobe? Is he mad at us?’ he was like ‘nah, he ain’t mad at you.. Jordan… in Washington…’they’re like ‘In what? Two weeks ago?’ ‘yeah, he told him he can copy him all he want but he will never fill these shoes’. They were like ‘I feel sorry for the next time we play Jordan’. They said they already knew what was gonna happen against MJ, when MJ came to L.A. Sure enough, Kobe went out and that motherf***er… He didn’t even have to tell the team. Once they heard what happened is what Kobe decided to do. Gave him 55!”


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