Kobe Bryant and Master P almost got into a fight (video)

Kobe Bryant

The story is told by Lamar Odon. There was a time when the late Kobe Bryant almost came to blows with Master P.


When the heat is on

When a rap mogul and one of the best basketball players in history meet, it doesn’t necessarily go as planned. Evoked by Odon in front of the cameras of VladTV, this anecdote reveals the tensions that would have been running between Kobe Bryant and Master P, when the latter had found it good to come and see the Lakers at practice: « You may not say anything, you may not catch their eyes, but you know they are there. The aura, the energy, the timing, it really wasn’t ideal. You have to understand, these are two alpha males and theirs. It’s weird. You know what I mean? I’m from the street, so I can calm things down. I’m trying to ease the tension, but this was weird. I didn’t come between the two, I just checked the temperature to make sure it was cool between them. But the energy between them… »

Master P confirms

In 2018, Master P had confirmed the thing, mentioning a fight narrowly avoided: « I almost fought with Kobe. At the Lakers training camp. Lamar Odom more or less calmed things down. We had words with Kobe. You know how he is. The Lakers are his home.  »

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