Kobe and Ron Artest going at it before he joined the Lakers (video)

You know it’s been an interesting postseason for the NBA when Ron-Ron emerges as the voice of reason. Kobe received a flagrant foul but not a one-game suspension for hitting Artest with an elbow during Game 2 of a compelling and physical series between the Lakers and Rockets.


Stu Jackson, the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball operations, made the correct call on Kobe. This is the playoffs, right?

Kobe was absolutely reckless when he struck Artest. But compared to Derek Fisher’s cheap shot on Houston power forward Luis Scola in the same game, Kobe’s elbow was basically a love tap.

Fisher, generally regarded as an all-around good guy, received a one-game ban for body block on Scola, a play that Rockets head coach Rick Adelman deemed « malicious. »


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