Kevin Durant On Kobe Bryant: « He Was Like A God Like Figure »

Kobe Bean Bryant was an inspiration to countless fans around the globe. Apparently, that also includes Nets superstar Kevin Durant.


In a recent chat about the basketball legend, Durant emphasized just how much the guy meant to him:

“Being in the same locker room with him, like I competed against him like that same playoffs, and the way he won the championship too. So we had a different connection compared to a lot of other guys. You know, I was outplayed against him on that journey. His aura was just like a god-like figure, you know what I’m saying. Like you see someone in the flesh who scored 81 points in an NBA game. It is hard to even speak around him. But you know he was open, and he was always trying to teach and help the younger generation out.”

There’s no doubt some hyperbole in Durant’s speech, but it’s also very relatable.

No matter what anyone says about Kobe on the basketball court, his play style, energy, and way of life became a staple for the sports world and an example for people who wanted to chase their own dreams.

One can only imagine what it must have been like to be around Kobe in person but, even now, his impact and legacy continue to touch those he encountered.

Yes, that includes Kevin Durant.

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