Kevin Durant more gifted than Michael Jordan? Steve Kerr launches the debate …

Kevin Durant

Former teammate of Michael Jordan and ex-coach of Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr compared the two.


Steve Kerr had the chance to rub shoulders with some of the best players in NBA history. We obviously think of Michael Jordan at the Chicago Bulls during his playing career. But also to Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry in his role as coach of the Golden State Warriors.

So the 55-year-old is probably one of the best to compare them. And in an interview with NBC Bay Area, Kerr praised KD. To the point of considering him as the most gifted basketball player in history.

« He just showed that he is the most talented basketball player on the planet, if not of all time. Frankly, he’s just so good. I loved coaching him, and I can’t wait to coach him. do it again (with Team USA, editor’s note).

More talented than Jordan? I think KD is the most talented, really. It’s obvious, but Kevin is different … really different. He measures 2.10 meters but has the qualities of a leader, he can shoot from anywhere, his passes, his blocks, it’s crazy. Seeing him in action this season was really great, ”said Steve Kerr.

Be careful, Kerr doesn’t judge Kevin Durant to be a better player than Michael Jordan. But only that he is the most gifted in terms of his qualities for basketball. And at this level, the Brooklyn Nets player is indeed one of the best in history. Like the best? The question may arise …


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