Kevin Durant: « I’m one of the best players to ever play play the Game »

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant had his introductory press conference a few hours ago and there were a lot of sound bites that should get Suns fans excited about the potential of this team moving forward.


One of the things that were asked of Durant was whether or not the season would be considered a failure if the Suns don’t win an NBA championship this season. Durant’s response was an all-timer as the 2-time champion isn’t worried about failure this season.

“I know it’s pressure because I’m one of the best players to ever play in this game,” Durant says. “So every time I’m on the floor, people are going to expect me to do great things, and the team I’m on to do great things.”

Durant also puts things into perspective that he’s already succeeded by being able to play the game that he loves. But that he also understands the pressure of what’s at stake and getting the job done.

“I enjoy getting better as a player every day I enjoy just waking up and getting to do this so I don’t ever say anything’s a failure if I’m healthy enough to play the game of basketball. But I know what’s on our backs and I understand that we want to do the most we want to get the most out of this opportunity.”


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Only time will tell for this Suns team as they continue to get healthy and wait for Kevin Durant to be available after the all-star break.

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