Kendrick Perkins Says He’s Taking Stephen Curry Over Kobe Bryant All-Time

Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins gives his detailed reason for picking Stephen Curry over Kobe Bryant.


It all started with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s question: “You can start a season tomorrow, you want Kobe (12x All-Defense), or do you want Curry in your backcourt. Pick one or the other, which one you taking?” Responding to this Kendrick Perkins said: “I’m taking Curry… but it’s not an easy one to answer…” Further knowing that a reason has to be mentioned for it he gave away a detailed justification but there was no mentioning of Stephen Curry being better than Kobe Bryant in it may be he forgot to stick with the question and now he gets criticized.

Kendrick Perkins detailing the reason for his pick quoted: “Forget all the accolades and forget how long his resume is. We know it’s longer than a holiday weekend. Forget all that. When I speak on being a generational talent, I’m talking about a 6’2″ guard that has changed the game of basketball forever. Forever! So when I look at it, and I look at what he’s done since he got to Golden State, it’s almost been like a plug and replace. When I look at his first championship, that he won with Harrison Barnes at the wing position. All of a sudden you go 73-9 and you lose to LeBron James, I get that. All of a sudden you become, still, eye candy cause you play off the ball well. You’re efficient…He attracts Kevin Durant, then he goes along to win two championships with KD. You have two down years because Klay Thompson is hurt. He’s injured, you know they going through some rough times. All of a sudden they acquire Andrew Wiggins… and Steph Curry won a championship with him.”

Kendrick Perkins is not wrong with his reason but still, there is no such point or even a word where he has mentioned of not picking Kobe Bryant in the conversation. So it’s fair to say it was really a no-brainer and has many disagreeing with his take. The answer was totally up to him and that’s accepted and respected but the reason got him wrong. Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant are both great players and they or any other greats from different eras or even decades shouldn’t be compared as it just won’t make any sense. But still, there’s time for the media to understand this until then guys like Big Perk will be getting criticized as his take will senselessly keep on hurting feelings around the globe and the players themselves don’t even care about such questions.


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