Kendrick Perkins: “If you wanna watch somebody to be great, don’t watch LeBron James, watch Stephen Curry”

Kendrick Perkins

If you’re starting your career as a basketball player Kendrick Perkins is suggesting you follow Stephen Curry’s career path rather than LeBron James.


If you want to watch somebody be great in the media, do not watch Kendrick Perkins watch anyone else, even Stephen A. Smith. Had to get that out of the way before starting this.

The former Celtics big man has done decently well to start his post-NBA career, his day-to-day changing opinions have been a laughing stock for the NBA community for a while now.

Although a person must learn to have flexible opinions on most subjects which they should be able to change with certain facts, as they come up, having as fluid a stance as Perkins will make anybody an internet meme before they become a significant media personality.

You have got to stick to something you believe when you’re working in sports media. But the former LeBron James teammate having started his second career beside one of the most flagrantly animated characters of the NBA media has come a long way from being a sensible journalist of the “New Media” as Draymond Green calls it.

Kendrick Perkins recalls what he heard from Brian Scalabrine about Stephen Curry and LeBron James
Sometimes one might forget that Big Perk was a Basketball player himself and how important was he for his Celtics Championship in ‘08 and a few of OKC teams in the early 2010s. His awful takes on ESPN and his personal social media handles don’t help him in that cause either.

Having claimed that the Warriors would win Zero championships in the next 4-years and criticizing their forward Green throughout their run at the 2022 Championship he got one of the ruthless fact checks of his life when the Dubs lifted the Larry O’Brien.

And the man suffered trolling of his life for it. It seems that taught him enough lesson for this year as he praised Stephen Curry with the best he could on his recent appearance on JJ Redick’s The Old Man and The Three podcast remembering an Amar’e Stoudemire and Brian Scalabrine moment.

The man is right here in the context as following Curry’s footsteps will help anybody have a better career in the NBA toda

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