Julius Randle Says Kobe Bryant Is The Greatest Ever

There are many people who believe that Kobe Bryant has a genuine argument to be the greatest of all time in the sport of basketball. Kobe Bryant was a 5-time champion, and while he is known as being a transcendent scorer, he was also sublime on the defensive end, often taking on the hardest perimeter assignments. His two-way game had barely any weaknesses, and in terms of pure « skill », Bryant has an argument for being the best.


A current player who believes that Kobe Bryant is the GOAT is Julius Randle, an All-Star for the New York Knicks. Julius Randle has recently posted a Tweet about Kobe Bryant ahead of the latter’s induction to the Hall of Fame and has claimed that Bryant is the greatest ever.

Julius Randle and Kobe Bryant were teammates during Randle’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers, and the forward has spoken about his relationship with the Lakers’ legend before. If anyone knows how good Bryant is, it’s Randle. When one watches Kobe Bryant tape or his highlights, one can inevitably see how skilled he is, hitting tough shots but also having underrated passing vision. Kobe Bryant worked relentlessly to cover up any holes in his game, and his Mamba Mentality is what helped him maximize his talent.

Kobe Bryant will be inducted into the Hall of Fame today, and for most Lakers’ faithful, he is their GOAT. Julius Randle isn’t alone in thinking that he is the greatest ever, and he is definitely among the top 10 players that have ever played the game.


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