Jordan, Kobe or LeBron: Allen Iverson reveals his GOAT


The 2001 NBA MVP says statistics won’t change his mind on the Greatest of All Time debate.


MANILA, Philippines – It’s Michael Jordan over LeBron James for Allen Iverson in the Greatest of All Time debate.

In a lengthy piece on The Players’ Tribune, Iverson shed light on the GOAT conversation and said that the « Black Jesus » ultimately takes the cake over everybody else.

« Mike is the GOAT. Mike is always going to be the GOAT. And please don’t even insult me with any of this, ‘Stats, AI!’ business like you have a chance of changing my mind, » he wrote.

Iverson started his NBA career during Jordan’s second NBA title three-peat and played against the six-time champion and five-time Most Valuable Player for 5 years.

On the other hand, Iverson went up against James for 10 years as he changed teams from Philadelphia, Denver, Detroit, Memphis before retiring with the 76ers in 2010.

But the 2001 NBA MVP clarified that he has nothing against James, it is just simply that Jordan is the GOAT.

« I’m hearing a lot of people these days fronting like they have LeBron over Mike!! » Iverson wrote.

« First of all, I love LeBron. I have nothing but love for LeBron. That’s the best player of his generation, one of the best ever, a great husband, great father, great role model, and it’s even beyond that. »

« What he’s doing with that school in Akron?? It’s a beautiful thing, » he added. « But y’all. We’re talking about Mike. »



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