John Salley Compares Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant: « Michael Would Be Tide And Kobe Would Be Tide Plus. » (video)

Michael Jordan will be inducting Kobe Bryant into the Hall of Fame very soon, and he is one of the best choices for the task. Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan will always be compared to one another. The way they approached basketball was extremely similar, and it showed in their styles of play. Many people consider Kobe Bryant as the person who has come the closest to Michael Jordan.


Former NBA champion John Salley has recently made a comparison between Bryant and Jordan, by using detergent brands to make his point. In response to a question that asked him about how much Michael Jordan was in Kobe Bryant, Salley has claimed that if Jordan was « Tide », then Kobe Bryant would be « Tide Plus ». Salley has also stated that he thinks that Kobe Bryant was right up there with Jordan when it comes to the greatest ever.

I usually tell people, if you want to make ‘em soap detergent, Michael would be Tide and Kobe would be Tide+.

So I said, “Are you going to be the next Michael Jordan?” He goes, no I’m gonna be the first Kobe Bryant. I said what do you want out of this game? He said, I want to be the greatest player that ever played this game. I was like, wow, that’s a trip.”

There’s a guy called Michael Jordan, and I keep fussing he’s not the greatest, I know he’s the greatest. I just have to say, cause everybody else says it, so I have to say something different. But I know Mike is the greatest, but Kobe is right along. I told Michael, at 27 years old, and he (Kobe) was 27, I think he would have gave it to him. Got punched in the stomach for it, but I told him.

There is no doubt that the majority of the world considers Michael Jordan the GOAT of basketball, but Kobe Bryant is certainly among the people with an argument for the position. Kobe Bryant is certainly the greatest Laker ever, and his desire to be the greatest ever in the game of basketball itself was admirable.


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