Jason Williams: « LeBron James is a collective guy, more than Michael Jordan was »

LeBron James

Like every off-season, the GOAT discussion is making a huge comeback in the NBA community. A former fan favorite has taken a stand in this debate in favor of LeBron James… but with a twist!


It is probably not with his 19th season in the league that he managed to put everyone in agreement. If he still shone on the individual level with 30.3 points per game, LeBron James did not succeed in carrying his Lakers to the playoffs. A certain disillusionment for the King, who inevitably sees his record for the GOAT criticized following this failure.

If he says he no longer fights to climb in the historical rankings, LBJ will nevertheless have at heart to rebound collectively in the coming months. The upcoming campaign may be his last chance to lead a team to the title, and to compete with Michael Jordan in the famous all-time discussion. He can rest assured that some big names are already convinced by his career.

Jason Williams makes LeBron the GOAT… and praises Jordan

In the latest episode of his show, Jason Williams reiterated his affection for LeBron by proclaiming him the greatest player in history:

I pick LeBron. Bro, I’ll never change my mind. I’m not a guy who loves stats. I mean, I think it matters, but I’d rather look at you as a player.

According to this prism, Williams therefore keeps his former leader at the Heat at the top of the food ladder, after having already reserved such an honor for him in the past. However, faced with the slight challenges of his interlocutors, the White Chocolate was forced to justify this opinion. He then put forward the versatility of James, more developed than that of Jordan according to him:

I think LeBron is capable of doing more as a basketball player, like handling the ball, passing, all that stuff. But that doesn’t mean Jordan wouldn’t be able to do better things that LeBron can do. I just think LeBron does more things better.

The former point guard could have stopped there, and completed this speech without a false note for LeBron. Unfortunately for the latter, his former partner slipped a note into his argument, not very flattering to him!

I like the way LeBron plays. He’s a team guy, more so than MJ was. But if I needed a win tonight or a basket right away, I would take MJ. Simply, as a player, I’ll take LeBron.

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