Ja Morant: « First LeBron James was my GOAT, but after watching ‘The Last Dance’ that title goes to Michael Jordan » (video)

Ja Morant

Ja Morant changed his pick for the title of GOAT from LeBron James to Michael Jordan after watching “The Last Dance”.


Popular Netflix documentary “The Last Dance”, released more than a year back, gave viewers an insight into the 1990s Chicago Bulls organization. After watching the show, while many fans had a negative change in opinion towards Michael Jordan, there were quite a few who did get inspired by all of MJ’s peculiar traits in order to be the best.

Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant was one of the many fans throughout the world who watched the documentary while quarantining at home due to the deadly pandemic. And after watching the famous 10-episode docuseries, the 2020 ROTY changed his pick for the GOAT case to Michael Jordan.

On an appearance in an interview with Taylor Rooks during the 2019-2020 season, the athletic guard was asked “Is Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time?” To which the highflyer answered:

“Yes. He is. You know, me, at first, I haven’t seen Jordan play, like, in person, other than, like, highlights. You know you hear people talk about him, you hear people talk about him, and “The Last Dance” actually gave me an opportunity to see how he actually was, how he played, his mindset. Just watching that and taking everything out of that, I think he’s the GOAT.”

Ja Morant names LeBron James as his GOAT before watching Michael Jordan in “The Last Dance”
After explaining why he thought His Airness was the rightful owner of the GOAT title, host Taylor Rooks asked the 6-foot-3 guard:

“Before the documentary, who did you think was the GOAT?”

Ja replied:

“I mean, my focus was LeBron. I watched Bron. Like, he was my generation. That’s who I grew up watching on. So, I couldn’t speak on something I haven’t seen or anything. At that point, I was just saying like, of his generation, it’s him (MJ). Of ours, it’s Bron. Like you know – I was a big Kobe fan, so that toss-up between him and Bron is, you know, kinda tough. But all around, it’s Jordan.”

The GOAT debate, top 5 lists, Mt Rushmore are conversations that don’t have any correct or incorrect answers. Yet, fans around the world get into heated discussions, sometimes even physical altercations, trying to shove down their opinions others’ throats.

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