Isiah Thomas Says LeBron James Can No Longer Be Considered As The Best Players In The NBA

Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas has never been one to mince his words. The point-guard legend also doesn’t shy away from giving controversial takes.


After the Brooklyn Nets’ first round exit against the Boston Celtics last night, and with the Los Angeles Lakers not making the playoffs at all, the two betting favorites from before the season are out.

According to Zeke, it is now time for some rethinking regarding the top players in the NBA. With LeBron James not making the playoffs at all, and Kevin Durant being swept in the first round, they no longer are the top players in the league.

“After these playoffs, we’re gonna have to do some rethinking of who the top players are. We’ve had LeBron James & Kevin Durant in the top. One got swept & one didn’t even make the play-in so. So we’re going to have to do some rethink about who is at the top.”


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