In his retirement press conference, Pau Gasol reflected on his relationship with Kobe Bryant (video)

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol bids farewell by remembering his great friend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi. « I wish he was here, but life is so unfair, » he said tearfully in the act of announcing his retirement.


Pau Gasol , the best Spanish basketball player of all time , says goodbye to the courts after a career full of successes that have led him to become one of the most important and outstanding athletes in the history of our country. At 41 years old, the living legend of basketball said goodbye at a press conference held at the Liceo Theater in Barcelona , where he was supported at all times by his family. At the turn of the thanks, when enumerating the long list of people who played a key role in his career, the name of Kobe Bryant could not miss. There, Pau’s voice broke at times and he was moved to tears, when he referred to the one who was his partner and great friend during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

« I wanted to make a special mention for him, because I would love to have him here … but that’s life, » said the former player as best he could, who bowed his head regretfully and took a short break to breathe under the applause of reporters.

« Life is very unfair sometimes…and we miss him and his daughter, Gigi, a lot, » he continued. « He taught me to be a better leader and competitor…what it meant to really be a winner, » he recounted. « Besides the fact that I always considered him an older brother, » he acknowledged about the strong bond he had with the North American pivot beyond sports. « So thank you, Kobe, » Pau concluded his emotional message with a glance at the sky.


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