In 2003, Michael Jordan doubted the genius of LeBron James

Michael Jordan

Early in his career, Michael Jordan saw LeBron James becoming « a good pro. » It’s funny to see MJ’s perception of one of his successors.


Agree or disagree, a large portion of the fan base decided that LeBron James was either the #2 all-time behind Michael Jordan or the GOAT. Either. In any case, there is something very tasty about going back to what MJ said about LBJ in 2003, when he hadn’t even stepped on a pro floor. Or terribly revealing about the competitive spirit (or the sourness?) of His Airness.

« I think once LeBron James plays at this level (in the NBA), he’s not going to be in the upper fringe of the backs or the wings. I think he’ll be toward the bottom, » Michael Jordan said.

« He has incredible potential, but he didn’t face consistent competition in college or pro ball. He’s played against high school kids who are probably under 6 feet tall and have the journalistic talent. »

« Within five years, if he dedicates himself to becoming the best basketball player he can be, continues to progress and accept challenges rather than settle for what he’s given, he can definitely be a good pro. »


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