“If there is a most likely to succeed, I was the least” Michael Jordan confesses to how badly he was considered a loser in his hometown

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was the biggest athlete at one point in time, who achieved more than what could be imagined. He was extremely dedicated to his craft and poured his entire life into it. His dedication and perseverance became the sole reason for his success thus making him arguably the greatest NBA player of all time.


Coming into the league in 1984, MJ was overall a massive prospect who wound up being drafted 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls. He was an immediate success story and his peers loathed the amount of recognition he got. This was never the case for Jordan. In an interview with GQ, he revealed how he was never interested to work or even studying.

“If there is a ‘most likely to succeed,’ I was the least likely,” he said. “Everybody in Wilmington expected me to go to North Carolina, sit on the bench for four years, then go back to Wilmington and work at the local gas station.” The legend was on the most likely to become a failure list. This quickly turned around in his case.

Shortly after starting his career, Mike proved himself as a lethal weapon and one that could shoot through the toughest barriers. He ended up winning rookie of the year that season which had more people turn their attention toward him. Whatever happened between 1984 and 2003 is considered one of the greatest sports careers ever.

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