“How many playoffs did he make before Robin?” Colin Cowherd savagely burrows Michael Jordan’s GOAT status for not winning anything without Scottie Pippen

Michael Jordan

One of the most disputed topics in the history of NBA is whether the Michael Jordan led Chicago bulls have won all those championships without Scottie Pippen being part of the roster , needless to say it is easily the most debatable topic even today and fans across ages are still divided on the opinion while some believe it was Scottie Pippen who enabled Jordan to become a champion, others believe Jordan would’ve done just as fine without Pippen’s help.


In a recent episode of the Colin Cowherd Podcast, famous sports television personality Nick Wright joined Colin Cowherd’s podcast and listed his favourite players on the top 50 list, he mentioned the names of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Lebron James and Michael Jordan. When asked about how many championships could Jordan win in Chicago without Scottie Pippen , Wright answered “zero , he only won a play-off game without Scottie”

In his career span of 17 years, Scottie Pippen the 6’8 ft tall power forward played a monumental role in Chicago bulls dominating the league in the 1990’s, for his achievements such as being named as an all-star 7 times, part of all defensive team 8 times and 6 championships, Scottie Pippen is one of the top 50 players in NBA’s history. With Pippen, MJ had his most successful NBA season. Jordan failed to advance his club past the first round of the playoffs prior to the Bulls choosing Pippen. Jordan opted to retire from basketball after his time with the Bulls.

Pippen was traded to the bulls from the supersonics in 1987 and right after his first year he became starter for the team and played in his first all-star game in 1990, he soon became a household name after teaming up with Michael Jordan and the duo led the bulls to 3 consecutive titles from 1991 to 1993, but after Jordan retired at the end of 1993 season it was expected that bulls may not win anything in the years to come

However, Pippen rose to the situation and put all these speculations to rest by playing the best year of his career in 1993-94 after posting career high records of points, rebounds and assists he even went on to named the MVP that year thus proving everyone that he was much more than Michael Jordan’s robin and could easily captain a team. He stayed in Chicago for 6 more seasons and won 2 titles in the process

When asked how many titles could Jordan win without Scottie , Nick Wright answered candidly saying zero he won one playoff game without Scottie Pippen Kareem and LeBron won multiple championships with other players Jordan could not win without pippin and Michael the other thing because of his go ahead sorry because of Michael’s style which you often saw you saw it in Washington you saw in his first five years in Chicago he did not play well with other scores he played well with pippin who acknowledged he would be in the passenger seat LeBron won without kyrie he won without AD he won without titles without d wade Kareem won in Milwaukee Kareem won in los Angeles multiple times.

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