How Lakers Fans Reacted To Man Insulting Kobe Bryant (Video)

Kobe Bryant was an NBA legend, successful businessman and loving father. His death in January of 2020 shook the sports world and larger cultural zeitgeist to its core, forcing everyone to reconcile with how someone who was so loved and respected could be gone so soon.


While most were extremely respectful of the loss felt when Bryant passed, some saw it as an opportunity to provoke. This was on full display last year, when someone decided to taunt Los Angeles Lakers fans during their celebration of the franchise’s latest championship by yelling an insult about Bryant.

The individual in question, who has remained unidentified to this day, is said to have yelled “F*** Kobe.”

This prompted an immediate reaction from Lakers fans.

It goes without saying that violence is rarely justified. The “right” reaction to provocation, no matter how low it is, is simply walking away.

That said – when people lose a figure as meaningful and important to their lives as Bryant, it’s understandable that sometimes they react with their emotions rather than their heads. Not everyone can be classy in those circumstances.

One person who has been consistently classy throughout this entire trying time?


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