How Kobe Bryant Introduced Himself To The Lakers: “I Just Wanted Ya’ll To Know, Nobody’s Gonna Punk Me” (video)

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant had one of the most successful jumps from high school to the NBA. He was drafted with the 13th pick in the 1996 NBA Draft which featured several polarizing players like Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Ray Allen and Stephon Marbury. Initially drafted by the Charlotte Hornets, Kobe ended up as a Laker later that night.


As an 18-year old rookie for the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant arrived with his ‘Mamba Mentality’ and fearless attitude. When Lakers coach Del Harris asked everyone to introduce themselves on their meeting, Bryant took this opportunity to let everyone know that he wasn’t a typical NBA rookie, by making a strong introduction that would firmly remain in everyone’s memory.

“Yo, I’m Kobe. Kobe Bryant. I’m from PA — went to Lower Merion High School, dominated everything.” (Pause) “I just want y’all to know, nobody’s gonna punk me. I’m not gonna let anyone in the NBA punk me. So be warned.”


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