« hey Mike don’t forget I scored 42 points against you in one half », when Kobe answered a trash talk from MJ (video)

Mentor, big brother, role model… these are the words that characterize the relationship that existed between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. But the two – true monsters of the competition – also loved the little trashtalking sessions.


There are several anecdotes about Kobe and MJ, but we chose the one where the Black Mamba referred to a direct confrontation between the two superstars.

« A few years after my 81-point game, he was barking and saying, ‘You could have never scored 80 points on me, I would have been kicked out.’ And then we kept talking back. Usually I try to be cool with MJ because he’s inspired me so much, but at that point I reminded him that I scored 42 points against him in one half…so… »

That was March 28, 2003, in a 108-94 Lakers win over the Wizards. It was the very last meeting between the two icons. Well, MJ was 40 years old at the time while Kobe was in his prime, but still.


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