‘He’s not scoring as easy as today as he did back then’: Jason Williams echoes sentiments on Michael Jordan’s scoring repertoire in today’s game

As majority of the old and young players believe that Michael Jordan will feast in today’s NBA on a scoring standpoint, make it different on the side of Jason Williams.


The retired point guard made it known that Jordan won’t find it easy smashing the scoreboard in the current era of league basketball.

Jordan raised the bar of scoring standards during his fabled times as the lead man of the Chicago Bulls, harnessing 10 scoring title feats in his whole career – the most by a single player in NBA history.

By using his feisty aura, godly athleticism, and unmatched perimeter shooting, Jordan established himself as a killer scorer of his own who found any way possible to beat opponents right in his face.

Comparing eras to eras remains unfair, given the fact that the skill set and the rules are differentiated. As such, no one can ever take away what Jordan has carved off as a scoring assassin.

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