“He’s going to go down as the best to ever do it” – Jason Kidd thinks LeBron James is the GOAT over Michael Jordan

Kidd also admitted that his favorite memory of LeBron was how he succumbed in the 2011 NBA Finals.


If there’s one thing Jason Kidd will always have over LeBron James, it’s the 2011 NBA championship. The Finals series between James’ Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks was arguably the most embarrassing moment of LBJ’s career because of how he underperformed late in the game when his team needed him most.

Despite going from competitors to teammates—Kidd eventually became James’ coach with the Los Angeles Lakers—Kidd admits that his favorite memory of James was how he succumbed in the 2011 NBA Finals.

Kidd will always have something to brag about

Kidd saying that his favorite memory of James was the 2011 NBA Finals might come off a little harsh, but it wasn’t meant to be an insult at all. In fact, that championship was extra special for the current Mavs head coach because it was against James — who Kidd considers the greatest player of all time.

“In my book, he’s going to go down as the best to ever do it,” Kidd said during Wednesday’s Mavericks practice, as reported by ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.

James also has high praises for Kidd

James and Kidd’s relationship truly came full circle after all they went through together since the 2011 NBA Finals.

James admires the Mavs’ head coach just as much and believes that Kidd is the only person alive who sees the game of basketball with his level of clarity. It also wasn’t a coincidence that when Kidd left the Lakers in the summer of 2021 to take on the head coaching seat with the Mavericks, James expressed his sadness on social media.

It’s safe to assume that this bond between Kidd and James is one that will last forever and that is built with mutual respect and adoration. Not everyone thinks that James is better than Jordan, but according to Kidd, the four-time champion will go down as the best to ever do it.

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