“He’s definitely number one”: WNBA Legend Candace Parker reveals how LeBron James has had more ‘impact’ than Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

Candace Parker

Candace Parker of Chicago Sky of WNBA has LeBron James at the top of her list when it comes to the G.O.A.T debate. As she feels LeBron is already ahead of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. In an interview last year with ESPN Candace Parker when questioned about the three superstars and their legacies she chose “The chosen one” (LeBron James) as the better one but had massive respect for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant too. Since each of them played and dominated in different decades and didn’t really get to compete with each other during their primes.


LeBron James has really lived up to the expectations the league had with him and proved all the doubters wrong. As entering the 19th season of his being 37 years old, the King is still in great shape and continues to be the face of the league. His godlike never-ending prime is still there as he carries the Los Angeles Lakers as of now. Bron in his career has really evolved a lot has now he shoots better, is a great playmaker and is also a dominating force on every end.

LeBron James when retires from the game would be holding the most youngest to and oldest to records of the league as adding to this now he is also the all-time leading scorer in the league’s history passing Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He has been a unique player throughout the stretch as a generational talent and has always been compared with other greats like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Find Candace Parker’s take on his legacy below.

Candace Parker on LeBron James’ legacy and impact

Candace Parker has always been on good terms with Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan as she shares a relationship of pure respect with them. But she believes there’s one aspect where LeBron is ahead of both of them as discussing LeBron James’ legacy she quoted: “He [LeBron] is unbelievable. He’s an athlete that, if you talk about just on the court, is he better than Mike? I don’t know. Is he better than Kobe? I don’t know. He’s definitely top-5 in my book. Top-3 in my book. But in terms of impact as an athlete, like the platform that he’s had, social justice and building schools, and changing the way we think of athletes and business. He’s number one for sure.”

Candace Parker is very right with what she said as Bron is really giving back to society a lot from several foundations, charities to a literal school of his own. He has done everything he can and that ranks him ahead of the two where even fans agreed with Candace’s take. LeBron James is for sure one of the greatest players to ever step on a basketball court as his resume and consistency over the years is loud enough for him to get the right recognition. He will go down in the history as the best ever to do it but the G.O.A.T debate will always be continued as nothing can be reached or concluded on all the great players a part of it.


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