Here is the new NBA logo, Kobe fans are going to be disappointed


The NBA unveiled its new logo for its 75th anniversary. The design is not unanimous and Kobe Bryant fans were hoping for something else.


Next season, the NBA will celebrate its 75th anniversary. For the occasion, we knew that the league would unveil a special logo that would be used for a year. Petitions and cries from the heart demanded the incorporation of a tribute to Kobe Bryant. Why not include his silhouette in the logo instead of Jerry West’s? Others were simply asking for a real refresh and a stronger reference to the importance of African Americans in the NBA.

Let’s say that the choice of designers employed by the league on this occasion leaves many people perplexed. The silhouette used is still that of West, even though the NBA refuses to admit it to avoid paying trillions of dollars to the legendary player / architect of mythical teams. The silhouette is encrusted in a diamond pattern with the colors red and blue, as well as the number 75.

If the NBA chose this motif, it is in reference to the diamond wedding anniversary, generally celebrated after 75 years of marriage. It is likely that the original logo will return at the end of the 2021-2022 season.


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