“He was the best player in the NBA no matter what the game did.” – Draymond Green reveals his reasons for ranking LeBron James AHEAD of Michael Jordan

Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green talked highly about Los Angeles Lakers legend LeBron James. To everyone’s surprise, Green put LeBron atop, ahead of NBA great Michael Jordan. Everyone connected to the league is undoubtedly a big fan of LeBron James.


Draymond Green was talking on an episode of ‘The Uninterrupted’s ‘Throwing Bones,’’ where he quoted, “My top 5 is LJ number 1, MJ number 2, Kobe number 3, Steph number 4, and Shaq number 5. What Bron has done. Bron started in 03, by 2005 Bron was the best player in the NBA. In 2020, he was still the best player in the NBA. He was the best player in the NBA no matter what the game did. The game went from too slow, slow big men, to stretch four big men, to back two big men, to no big men, and he’s been the best no matter what.”

Draymond Green added, “When you look at the teams that Bron has carried to championships or carried to the finals, MJ didn’t beat the greatest team ever assembled,” Green said. “Nor did he run up against the greatest team ever assembled every year. When you look at Bron’s skillset, nobody who has ever played the game of basketball can do what LeBron James does on a basketball court. Michael Jordan could do just about all that LeBron James does, just for damn sure he couldn’t pass like Bron.”

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