“He stole my moves”- Michael Jordan reveals why he can’t beat Kobe Bryant in a 1 on 1 matchup

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan during his time had done wonders for the league he played in. He changed the game in a more dominant style of playing and inspired many of whom we compare to him. What if there was a player who had potential of stripping the greatest’s off his throne.


Kobe Bryant was one such player who shaped his game like Michael Jordan’s. Having the mentality of always being the best Kobe reigned over the best players around him. He was such a player who even if gets beaten down will get his redemption in the very next quarter or game by practicing and getting better to dominate against his opponents with his moves which had him un-guardable like the best pump-fake, fadeaway and footwork in the league which inspires many young guns of the league nowadays.

Michael Jordan says Kobe Bryant was his biggest threat

In an interview held prior to the launch of the NBA 2K14 video game, Ahmad Rashad had a one on one conversation with the Hall of Famer and was asked on how matchups against the league’s best (past and present players) would pan out.

Jordan replied saying,”I don’t think I would lose… other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves.” From turn around hesitations, to fadeway shots and defense, the Black Mamba was a unadulterated imitation of Jordan’s game.

During their time together in the league, the NBA world witness insane offensive performances and defensive plays exchanges between the two. But nothing would top the time Bryant tackled Jordan to the floor only to express the brotherly respect they had for each other.

Is Kobe Bryant better than Michael Jordan?

Both players had never faced each other in the playoffs which in retrospect would have brought the entire world to its toes. They only faced each other a total of eight games from 1996-2003. Bryant had won five games in those matchups but their statistics are almost identical.

Kobe scored his best against Jordan back in 2003 during their last matchup. Kobe has scored an impressive 55 points against Jordan during the LA Lakers vs Washington Wizards game. Jordan was more consistent in scoring during those eight games as he averaged 24.5 points against Kobe’s 22.8 points. Kobe recorded more rebounds and assists than Jordan but only by fractions.

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