“He ordered a Martini with 81 olives”: Jalen Rose reveals a hilarious little anecdote about Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Jalen Rose reveals a hilarious story about the time after the game Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points on his head


Who can forget Kobe Bryant’s 81 piece on the Toronto Raptors? The night that even the great Wilt Chamberlin perhaps watched on in fear, as the world expected his record of 100 points in a game to be broken.

Thankfully for the legend, Kobe stopped just 19 points off his record, making up the second-highest total in the history of the NBA. But, while most of us think of that night with joy, there is one player that perhaps cringes every time he thinks back to it. Jalen Rose.

Frankly, the blame is a bit misguided here. While Kobe did score the most on Jalen Rose, it was only 18 points, on 6 of 11 shooting. But, most of Kobe’s field goals, came while he was guarded by the one and only, Morris Peterson. On him, the Black Mamba went 6 of 13, scoring 17 points.

That aside though, what happened after the game that night? What did Kobe Bryant do to celebrate his incredible achievement?

Well, ironically, it was Jalen Rose who revealed to everyone the story of what the Lakers star did next.

Let’s get into it.

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“He ordered a Martini with 81 olives”: Jalen Rose reveals a hilarious little anecdote about Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant may have been a hard worker, but he sure knew how to celebrate too.

We do imagine that being on the wrong side of an 81-point explosion may give Jalen Rose some pain while remembering the night in question. But that didn’t stop the former player turned ESPN analyst to drop this little nugget about the Black Mamba. Here is what he had to say on the topic.

“How about this… I saw Kobe after he dropped 81 on us at a restaurant and he ordered a martini with 81 olives!”

If the bartender hadn’t seen the game, we can only imagine the look of confusion on their face at the sound of the request. And even in our head, it looks hilarious.

Whether or not he got those olives though, he sure got his name written next to the likes of Wilt Chamberlin and Michael Jordan in the history books. And given just how difficult this little record was, we do think it’ll stand for generations to come.


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