“Having Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as idols helped me focus on the game”: LeBron James explains how the GOAT debate fuels the Lakers superstar

LeBron James

LeBron James released Space Jam: A New Legacy last week – his way of paying tribute to Michael Jordan. He says being compared to the greats is humbling.


Space Jam: A New Legacy has been a certified hit in the theaters in the weekend since its release. The movie was the highest grosser in the USA this past week, making more money at the box office in its opening weekend than the original Space Jam.

All of this is happening despite decidedly negative reviews from critics, many of whom gave it 1 star. Many people are of the opinion that James is just not cut out for acting. His detractors will never see the ‘cool factor’ with him as they do with Michael Jordan.

However, as always is the case with the box office, it’s the public vote that matters. The public response to the sequel, especially with kids, is definitely quite encouraging for LBJ.

LeBron James explains how the GOAT debate with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant fuels him
The Lakers superstar gave an interview with Spectrum Sport’s Lakers sideline reporter Mike Trudell last week. This was just ahead of the release of the movie.

Trudell is probably the most well-recognized and respected beat writer for the Purple and Gold brigade. His questions to James ahead of the movie release bear this out.

The very first question Trudell asked got the obvious out of the way – is James exhausted by the GOAT debates? James’ reply was as immaculate as his spin moves in the paint:

“It can be exhausting, you said it, but I’ve always looked at it like any time you’re compared or you’re even mentioned with the greats to ever play this game, it’s become humbling for me.”

“Because the same people they put me in the category with … are the same guys that I looked up to for inspiration when I was growing up. And I needed that inspiration growing up in the inner city here in Akron, Ohio.”

“So to have the Michael Jordans’, the Kobe Bryants’, the Ken Griffey Jrs’, the Deion Sanders’, all those unbelievable sports figures when I needed it, they helped me. So it’s like, ‘Wow, you guys are comparing me to these greatest players that I’ve ever seen when I was growing up. It’s humbling, man.”


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