Gilbert Arenas points out why Michael Jordan will not be as big a superstar as LeBron James in this era

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas gets honest on why Michael Jordan’s stardom would’ve been lesser than LeBron James’ in today’s time.


While LeBron James and Michael Jordan are undeniably two of the greatest ever stars of the NBA, Gilbert Arenas had no hesitation in making bold claims about the Bulls legends’ stardom in today’s time. ‘Agent Zero’ envisioned a scenario where the two referred GOAT candidates exchanged eras, contemplating who would have a better career.

Arenas stated during his appearance on the ‘I AM ATHLETE’ podcast, « If we take MJ, we take LeBron, and we switch them in eras, Michael Jordan’s personality, the way he lived his life, he would not be perfect like LeBron (James) is. »

Arenas on why Jordan would fall in trouble in today’s league

While the luxurious lifestyles of the modern-day stars have no boundaries, Arenas was quick to admit how Ja Morant landed in trouble due to his obsessions. Similarly, Michael Jordan had a major gambling addiction, which could’ve been a big reason for him to catch negative attention amongst fans in today’s time.

Arenas added, « When we’re talking about Ja Morant and the silly sh*t he’s doing and that’s tarnishing his legacy…you take MJ’s personality, the gambling, all that, and put it in this scrutiny, f**k no. »

Keeping gambling aside, Michael Jordan’s interactions with other players could’ve also been an issue today, as everything is being monitored in the social media era. That is perhaps just why LeBron James is one of the most criticized players of this era.

Michael Jordan voted as the GOAT over LeBron James

The Athletic revealed many anonymous NBA-related polls – one of which was deeming Michael Jordan as the GOAT with 58.3% votes compared to LeBron James receiving 33% votes.

That being said, while Arenas held a valid point on MJ’sa addiction and how closely the media and fans would’ve observed him, the three-time All-Star analyzed the situation based on off-court antics. But one needs to consider the impact of both the concerned stars on the court as well.

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