Gilbert Arenas: LeBron is the GOAT, not Kobe or Jordan (video)

Gilbert Arenas

Earlier this month, 3x NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas sat down to do an interview with Whistle and was not hesitant whatsoever about who he thought the greatest basketball player ever was.


“The reason I feel that LeBron is the GOAT is because, during pressure times, he makes the actual right decision versus what us fans in the public want him to do. That’s what separates him from Jordan and Kobe. If you give Jordan and Kobe those Cavs teams, they wouldn’t make the playoffs. They wouldn’t have made it to the championship because Jordan would have averaged 60 and said to hell with it.”

Gilbert Arenas also discussed one of his first-hand experiences when facing LeBron. He stated: “What really made me fall in love with LeBron’s play was, we were in the playoffs, it was Game 5, 4 minutes left. I picked up something in what he did, and it kind of changed it series. He was playing decoy and we think our game-plan is shutting him down. Then, he looks over to his bench and gives them the nod. The nod ended up subbing Ilgauskas out, and we subbed out Brenden Haywood. When Brendon Haywood subbed out, LeBron James attacked that basket.

Arenas raves about how LeBron let his teammates “eat” despite being the best player on the team, by far. He adds that LeBron decoying himself was “brilliant” and him getting his teammates involved, allowed them to reach their ceiling.

The three things Arenas states that set LeBron apart are his “IQ, ability to adapt, and ability to read.”


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