George Gervin Claimed Michael Jordan Isn’t The GOAT: « He Couldn’t Score Like Ice »

George Gervin

George Gervin is one of the NBA’s most underrated legends. In his prime, he won many scoring titles and played incredible basketball. He was even Michael Jordan’s teammate for one season in the 1980s.


George Gervin didn’t think Michael Jordan was the GOAT, at least in 2017. During an interview, he claimed that other legends were in the conversation to be the greatest and that Jordan couldn’t score as Gervin himself could.

“Everybody says he’s the greatest of all time, but I’m not convinced, » Gervin said, as per The Post Game. « What criteria are you using to say that? It’s easy to say that on ESPN. Stephen A. Smith: ‘Greatest of all time.’ What do you mean? He got more championships than Bill Russell? He’s got more points than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? What criteria are you using?

« To be the greatest of all time, you got to be really, really special, man. He is. But we had some special guys before him too.

« He [Michael Jordan] is one of the greatest entertainers, one of the greatest winners. He could flat-out play, his stats proved themselves, but he couldn’t score like Ice. He had his own way of scoring. He didn’t score like me. I didn’t score as many points as he did, but I didn’t shoot as much as he did. »

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