Gary Vitti Says LeBron James Is More Of An Oscar Roberson Than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant Or Magic Johnson

LeBron James has often dealt with comparisons to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson. Some people make these comparisons based off intangibles and playstyle, while others see similarities in terms of career resume.


For whatever reason, former Los Angeles Lakers trainer Gary Vitti doesn’t seem to welcome these comparisons quite well, contrary to the general public.

According to Vitti, LeBron doesn’t remind him of either of the three NBA all-time greats. For him, the four-time MVP is more of an Oscar Roberson-type of player due to how similar they operate the game of basketball.

“LeBron James is compared to MJ, Magic, Kobe!

Ex-Laker trainer Gary Vitti says: “He doesn’t remind me of either one I think he is an enigma.

“I find him to be more of a bigger version of Oscar Robertson.

“Plays the game the way it’s suppose to be played.”

Source: opencourt-basketball


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