Gary Payton: « LeBron James is by far a better all-around basketball player than Michael Jordan »

Gary Payton

Hall of Famer guard Gary Payton recently claimed that LeBron James is a better all-around player than Michael Jordan.


The GOAT debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan is a never-ending one. From casual fans to pundits to even players continuously have had their say on their matter. Given the career accolades of the two greats, it is hard to say why.

With a combined total of 10 NBA titles, 9 MVP trophies, and 10 Finals MVP trophies, LeBron and MJ have rightly earned their spot at the pinnacle of the NBA and are rightfully considered the best ever to do it.

Gary Payton Reveals Who He Thinks Is A Better Player Between LeBron James And Michael Jordan
While fans can be pretty rampant about their opinions on who is better between MJ and LBJ, perhaps a fair way to determine who is better is to question a player who might have faced both Bron and Jordan. Among the select few who have faced off against the two is Gary Payton.

One of the best defensive guards the league has ever seen, Payton faced MJ, who was at his absolute peak in the 1990s. ‘The Glove’ also faced off against a young and athletic LeBron James who was tearing it up in Cleveland. Given that the legendary guard has faced off against Jordan and Bron, Payton was recently asked who he thinks is a better player.

« I think LeBron is an all-around basketball player. If you ask me who is a better all-around basketball player, LeBron James, by far, he does everything. He passes the ball better than Jordan, he can dribble little bit better than Jordan, shooting wise I don’t think so, rebounding I think he did, but so did Jordan. »

While comparing the two legends might be fun, it is still unfair to judge a player who is still at the peak of his powers to a retired legend like Jordan. All said and done, peak wise MJ, has the argument of boasting one of the most impressive peaks in basketball history, but if we consider longevity, the debate favors LeBron James. Who do you think is the better player between Jordan and LeBron?


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