Gary Payton Explains Why Many NBA Veterans Hated Rookie Kobe Bryant (video)

Gary Payton

Kobe Bryant undoubtedly was one of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen, and he’s got the resume to back up such statement.


As we all know, coming straight out of high school, Kobe Bryant already dominated while displaying toughness, confidence, footwork, explosiveness, and his already present ‘Mamba Mentality’, which eventually led to the Lakers trading for him on draft night in 1996.

But Kobe’s confidence also was a thorn in many veteran’s sides. In an interview with Scoop B Robinson, NBA legend Gary Payton, who also briefly played with Bryant, now revealed why some NBA veterans disliked Kobe.

“Kobe came in real arrogant. He was a high school kid coming in there talking about he gonna be the greatest, he’s gonna be one of the greatest basketball players. When he went to the Lakers, it started off when he forced Charlotte to trade to the Lakers, so it is what it was, man… Them OGs was like, Man, who does this kid think he is, making people do this and that.’

… So I just say, yeah, a lot of people were really against him, because of how he acted, but I loved it. He had an attitude, he had a dog to it.”


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