Former rival claims Micheal Jordan would’ve won 8 rings if he didn’t retire in 1993

Micheal Jordan

A significant question within the NBA is what could have happened if Michael Jordan had not retired in 1993.


From 1993 to 1995, he was absent, and it is widely believed that no one could have beaten him during that period. Even an old opponent claimed that MJ would have won eight consecutive championships.

Tim Legler on Michael Jordan

“No, we didn’t. Number one, it was just a complete given. I tell people all the time, I played literally from 1990 in the NBA to 2000, 90s, that’s my decade. Jordan went six rings. If he didn’t go hit curveballs for two years, he’d probably have eight. So, every year of my career, basically they won,” Tim Legler said on JJ Redick’s The Old Man and the Three.

“So, for me, even back then, it was just a given. This is the greatest player of all time. Now, obviously, with all these years later, 30+ years later, people want to make that into a debate. It still isn’t for me,” he added.

During that period, MJ had a significant influence by dominating the league and leading his team, the Bulls, to three straight championship victories before temporarily retiring from basketball. If he had not taken that break, he might have been able to surpass the all-time scoring record.

Jordan revealed what made him the best

MJ was not just an exceptional player but also someone who put in a lot of effort to achieve his objectives. He criticized the newer generations of players who were handed everything on a silver platter because during his time, he had to work exceptionally hard to get where he wanted to be and held himself to high standards. He had an extraordinary work ethic that only a few individuals after him were able to match. It is one of the reasons he is considered the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

It is not difficult to understand why a lot of individuals within the league believe that Jordan and the Bulls could have won eight consecutive championships, given their exceptional performance during the 90s.

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