Fist fight between Shaq and Kobe during the 1998-99 lockout (video)

If we go back to the altercations of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant during the 1998-99 season. The two legends had a history of feuding during a training session with the Lakers.


The duo’s first fight occurred during the lockout season in 1998-99. They were playing a pick-up game in Southwest College. Kobe said, “We were on opposite teams, and trash-talking. And you kept saying ‘Yeah, take that little b***h. Take that little b***h.’ I’m looking around, oh b***h, he’s talking to me. I said well hold on, ain’t going to be too many more of those little b***h.” Kobe mentioned how Shaq retaliated. “The next thing I knew I saw a big hand coming this way, and I remember going [the other way]….”


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