« Everything Jordan did, Kobe did it better » – Howard strongly claimed that Kobe Bryant is the true GOAT

Dwight Howard has long been one of the most polarizing figures in the NBA. While playing for the Washington Wizards in 2019 Howard took to « The No Chill Podcast » hosted by Gilbert Arenas to weigh in on the most often discussed debate of the greatest of all time. And somewhat shockingly, Howard firmly stated that Kobe Bryant was the real GOAT.


“I think he [Kobe] is better than Jordan.”

In the above clip you can see Howard state, “Everything Jordan did, Kobe did it better.” It was an interesting argument coming from Howard, the man Bryant so famously did not get along with during their time together on the Lakers and even later on during Howard’s years on the Rockets.

Howard’s argument is definitely very, very flawed. Yes, “The Black Mamba” has more 1,351 more career-points than MJ, but besides that, most accolades go in Jordan’s favor.

Jordan has one more NBA Championship, four more MVPs and eight more scoring titles than Bryant.

Kobe has more All-Star game appearances, but outside of that Jordan has achieved a large number of things Bryant never got extremely close to.

Defensively, Kobe gains some ground with his 12 All-Defensive team appearances compared to MJ’s nine, but Jordan was a three-time steals champ and won the 1988 Defensive Player of the Year Award, one of seven perimeter players to have won the prestigious award. So yeah…..Howard has a little bit of explaining to do.

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