‘Durability isn’t a GOAT asset’: Skip Bayless on how Michael Jordan’s athleticism puts him above LeBron James

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless talks about Damian Lillard’s statement and his interpretation of the same and why Michael Jordan will always be the GOAT.


Another day, and Skip Bayless takes another dig at LeBron James. This time it comes in the form of ‘interpreting’ what Damian Lillard meant in his statement.

This one tweet sparked an entire debate on Undisputed tonight. Skip Bayless tried to analyze what Damian Lillard meant by the same and he did what he is known for, yet again.

Skip talked about about how Damian Lillard chose these specific things that he wanted from those specific players and why he must have picked what he did.

‘Durability is not a GOAT asset’
Damian Lillard mentioned that he wanted LeBron James’ durability and Skip Bayless took this opportunity to put LeBron down, again.

According to Skip, durability is more luck than having a skillset, and that is why he would consider that Dame wanted to call Michael Jordan GOAT.

Skip clarified himself and emphasised that while durability is due to all the hard work and training put in, a major part of it goes down to luck

Skip believes that Damian Lillard slammed the door on LeBron James by this one statement. According to him, durability isn’t a skill that goes that far in the GOAT debate and he projects his views on Damian Lillard.

It’ll be interesting to see if that is what Damian Lillard meant by his tweet and if he’ll respond to this conclusion from Skip Bayless.

Is Durability overrated?
Durability isn’t the only thing LeBron is known for. He has a lot of stats to his name and holds a lot of NBA records, along with inspiring an entire generation of athletes.

While the off-season is all about GOAT debates, it is still a little pre-mature to compare the two greats of the game, as LeBron still has a few years of basketball in him.

Once the Lakers star decides to hang up his boots, comparing the resumes of both MJ and ‘The King’ would be a lot easier. Jordan’s peak seems higher than LeBron’s at the moment, however, LeBron has done it for a longer time. It is now upto the fans to chose what they rate higher in their book of basketball.


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