Draymond Green says 2017 Warriors would beat Michael Jordan-led 1998 Bulls

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green shared an interesting opinion to Twitter on Sunday night. Green was apparently watching a replay of the 1998 NBA Finals between the Utah Jazz and the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, and while doing so he came to the conclusion that the 2017 iteration of the Warriors would easily defeat Jordan’s Bulls.


« I’m watching the 98 Bulls vs Utah in the Finals, » Green wrote… « I can’t help but notice our 2017 team would’ve beaten these Bulls by a dub and these Jazz by 40 if they’re going to play these brands of basketball. And that’s why it’s dumb to compare era’s. »

It’s pretty humorous that Green admitted that it’s « dumb » to compare eras, but then went on to do exactly that. While comparing teams and players from different eras can be fun, it’s also an exercise in futility, as we’ll never get to see the games actually played out, so we’ll never truly know how teams from different time periods stack up against one another.

Green isn’t the first Warriors players to make a bold claim about the 2017 version of the team beating another legendary squad recently. Just last week Stephen Curry said that he believed the ’17 Warriors would topple the 2001 Lakers — a team that featured both Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant — in a series.

« Between the ’96 Bulls and the hypotheticals of a 7-game series, the 2001 Lakers and that hypothetical series, or every other hypothetical series that people say we should’ve lost because of an injury or because of whatever the case may be, those conversations are trivial, » Curry said. « But at the end of the day, if you could match up in some alternate universe, us versus the 2001 Lakers, obviously we feel like we can win. I don’t know who would guard Shaq but I don’t know who would guard me and Klay either. We rockin’ with that. And three is better than two. »

Clearly, Golden State’s key contributors aren’t lacking for confidence when it comes to where their squad stacks up against some of the other all-time great teams.

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