Doc Rivers: « If we need a new NBA logo then it should be Michael Jordan and not Kobe Bryant »

Doc Rivers

At the death of Kobe Bryant many campaigned for the Laker to become the new logo of the NBA, a change that the league had not deemed necessary, and would still not consider adequate. But a year later, Kyrie Irving has put that debate back on the table and wants to see the Black Mamba replace Jerry West’s silhouette.

« We want to set the standard and create a precedent, like, ‘This is excellence.’ Kobe Bryant. Logo. Yes. It’s got to be done. I don’t care what people say. I want it to be something that’s changed forever, that our generation was part of that change. And if I have to push the envelope on this and start the conversation, then fine. I know there are probably people who love the idea and people who don’t. But my motivation behind it is to pay tribute to the example that was set by this man. I think he deserves it. I think his family deserves it. I think we deserve to see the personified greatness of the Mamba. And anybody who comes into the league should know that that’s the example that’s been set. » Kyrie Irving

Many are opposed to this idea and Doc Rivers is one of them.


« I’ve been asked the question, but I don’t know the right answer. What I mean is that in this case Michael Jordan should be the logo. If you want a new logo, to me Michael would be the one. But I don’t know if you have to change just to change. Usually you change for a historical reason and because something no longer fits. Jerry deserves to be the logo and I have no problem with him continuing to be the logo. What are we going to do? Change the logo every 10 or 20 years? I like our logo and I think we should keep it. But I’m probably in the minority. » Doc Rivers during his appearance on the Rich Eisen Show


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