DL Hughley, Who Thinks Kobe Bryant Is Greater Than Michael Jordan, Says Scottie Is More Skilled Than MJ (video)

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are considered to be the greatest duo of all time. They won six titles together, and they dominated the 90s. They made the Bulls one of the greatest dynasties in sports. Jordan was crowned the greatest player of all time for his dominance with the Bulls.


With Jordan being crowned the GOAT and credited for the Bulls run, Pippen felt like he was left unappreciated. Pippen was vital for the Bulls as he was the small forward. He was the facilitator and defensive stopper, and he could guard anyone on the opposition team. Jordan could never get past the Eastern Conference Finals without Pippen, while Pippen was one call away from reaching ECF without Jordan. Now one host says that he believes Pippen was more skilled than Jordan.

Hugley says Scottie Pippen was more skilled than Michael Jordan

DL Hugley is an American actor and stand-up comedian. He had posted a video of Scottie where he was saying he was as skilled as Jordan. Hugley was asked about his thoughts on who was more skilled.

He said, “I remember when Jordan left and they came within one bad call going right back to the eastern conference finals. Right. Yeah, one bad call, like, they would have went. They call that foul they go, and I think they won one or two more games than they had in the previous season.”

“Yeah. So I mean, I know this. Jordan never went to a finals without Scottie,” he added.

The Bulls were one call away from making the Eastern Conference Finals and they were one of the favorites to win it all that season. And they were doing it without Jordan. Pippen finished third in MVP voting that year and he was finally getting the recognition he deserved.

Hugley says that Pippen wasn’t given the attention he truly deserved, and he was as great a player as Jordan, despite what everyone else says.


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