Dirk Nowitzki: « I always say MJ is the GOAT, but if LeBron surpasses Kareem with the scoring record, I’m kind of running out of arguments for Michael »

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk pointed out important context when ranking LeBron’s career – his path was arguably more difficult than MJ’s given the fact James was in the spotlight since he was 15 years old.


Astoundingly, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James is still playing at a supreme level in year 20. The soon-to-be 38-year-old is fresh off a vintage 38-point performance on the road against the Dallas Mavericks, and long-time competitor Dirk Nowitzki was in the building to watch the “King” up close.

As James squared off against Mavs’ wonder-kid Luka Doncic on the floor in what resembles the changing of the guard, the organization also unveiled a statue for Nowitzki outside of American Airlines Center.

Dirk weighs in
Naturally, given the timing and circumstances with James edging ever closer to the NBA’s all-time scoring record, on the evening Nowitzki weighed in on what his upcoming achievement means in the GOAT conversation.

“I always say Michael Jordan is the GOAT,” Nowitzki said. “But if James really surpasses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with the scoring record, I’m sort of running out of arguments for Michael.

Dirk pointed out one always has to keep in mind LeBron didn’t just become one of the greatest players ever. He did it with an unprecedented amount of expectation on his shoulders since James was “15 years old.” Not only that, but he contributed to so many communities off the court while becoming the greatest player of his era.

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