Dennis Rodman: « If Michael Jordan Played In This Era, He Would Average 50, I Don’t know Why You Guys Discuss The GOAT »

Dennis Rodman

We all know that Dennis Rodman always has been a guy who called a spade a spade, without thinking about any consequences. He’s also always been someone who never sheered away from making controversial statements.


Issuing a controversial statement is exactly what Dennis did on ESPN’s First Take the other day, when he claimed that Michael Jordan would average 50 points per game if he had played in today’s NBA. When asked on his take on the LeBron-Jordan GOAT debate, Rodman said:

“If Michael played in this era, he’d average 50. He’d average 50 points. LeBron’s a great talent. He’s probably one of the top three players who have ever played. I don’t know why you guys discuss the GOAT.”


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