Dennis Rodman: « If LeBron had played in the 90s, Pippen would be the 2nd best player behind Michael Jordan »

Dennis Rodman

A comment that Lebron James will love. Michael Jordan has often said, his career would not be the same without his strong lieutenant Scottie Pippen. If he received some criticism following the documentary The Last Dance, some players wanted to take his defense. This is the case of good old Dennis Rodman, who came to the rescue of his former Bulls teammate.


Recognized today as one of the best wingers in the history of the NBA, Scottie Pippen has often been the subject of debate regarding his salary, considered so low during his time in Chicago. Pip had also threatened his franchise with a departure if his salary did not increase. He even missed the off-season and the beginning of the 1997/1998 season because of an injury… Which was sometimes criticized. But despite all this, Dennis Rodman was full of praise for Pippen in an interview with ESPN :

« Scottie revolutionized the wing position. He was so underrated and underpaid. He should have had a bigger place in the documentary because he was so important. I think people are only now realizing how strong he was. »

But the extravagant Rodman did not stop there in his comments … He thinks that Pippen would be better than LeBron James if the latter had played in the 90s:

« All the current players should thank Scottie. Guys like LeBron or Kevin Durant should say ‘wow, thanks for what you did for us.’ Pippen can dribble, shoot, defend, grab rebounds.

If LeBron had played in the 90s, Pippen would be the second best player behind Michael Jordan. »

Dennis Rodman showered praise on the man he considers one of the greatest players in history. Their history during the Bad Boys era of Demolition Man now seems far away.


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