Dennis Rodman explains why Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen were better than Kobe Bryant & Shaquille O’Neal

Dennis Rodman

According to Rodman, MJ and Pip were all about winning, while Kobe and Shaq were all about themselves.


To be really honest, they couldn’t tolerate having me on that darn squad. That was how Dennis Rodman characterized his brief time in the locker room in 1998-1999 with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. According to his remarks, Rodman also had issues with Shaq and Kobe’s methods of conducting business.


Rodman had no genuine strategy after Michael Jordan’s second retirement. Rodman didn’t really take the offer seriously when Dr. Jerry Buss arrived to persuade him to join the Lakers with « eight females, two limos – like he usually does. » But The Worm finally understood that Dr. Buss was serious when a helicopter arrived the following day to carry him to the opening news conference.

Why then couldn’t Kobe and Shaq stand Dennis? Rodman saw that the new stars were jealous of him because the Lakers pampered to me so much by inviting me to games, taking me out afterward, throwing parties, doing this and that, booking my hotel, and other things. However, the outcomes on the court weren’t at all dismal.

Just to refresh your memory, the season was cut short due to a lockout. After taking some time to get rolling, the club quickly went on a ten-game victory run. But despite all of their victories, Kobe and Shaq couldn’t stop whining. Rodman then said his most Rodman-like phrase to date.

« I need take a vacation, I have travel to Vegas, » I replied. Sh*t you not. » I couldn’t listen to that crap every day, after all. They complain nonstop every day, bit**in, bit**in, bit**in. Kobe and Shaq are always biting about everything, according to Rodman.

We are aware that the Shaq and Kobe Lakers’ last season together was a soap opera. But this only goes to show that there are signs everywhere. Kobe and Shaq clashed because they had fundamentally different approaches to basketball brilliance from the start of their relationship. The switch from MJ & Pip to Shaq & Kobe was too much for Rodman.

« We never did these stuff in Chicago. When we were angry, we were angry with ourselves.

There are many different ways to be great.

Let’s face it, The Last Dance showed that Chicago has its share of angry moments, with Jordan especially being hard on those around him. However, Rodman is referring to the daily whining over every little thing. Jordan throwing you a snide glance throughout practice is more taxing than that.

Both clubs had the best player in the world: Shaq for the Lakers and MJ for the Bulls. Scottie always felt undervalued and that he could do more, but he never thought MJ needed to back off.

On the other side, he had Kobe as his top choice at all times. Despite having the ability, he hadn’t yet developed to that point. As a result, there was unavoidably a lot more conflict in the Lakers’ locker room.

The trick here is that Shaq and Kobe didn’t mind if there was a little more drama and teasing every day. Obviously, the strategy has a limited lifespan, but the 2000, 2001, and 2002 Championships show there are other viable options.

Even Dennis Rodman, as eccentric and distinctive as he is, proved to be a little too traditional for the Shaq & Kobe Lakers.


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